Family Tree Maker 2024 Upgrade Support

A family tree is a real treasure. It is a software that lets you collate your family’s history and lets you remember your ancestors forever. It indeed is a great idea to get a Family Tree Maker 2019 Upgrade to create the family tree and then keep passing it down through generations.

Want to Upgrade your Family tree maker for new features?

The FTM software stores your family’s ancestral history. It lets you visualise your entire family chain at a single glance. The family tree captures your family story. The FTM 2024 upgrade is a genealogy software that offers various options and tools.

The software comes with many modern features. This also makes it complex. However, the best part is the support that is offered which makes it easy to use even by a novice. You get instant support immediately when you face any problem.

Our support team is always there to handhold you through the family tree creation process. The upgraded version lets you unlock the previous FTM versions and also enjoy new tools.

So, all that you need to do is to merge your family tee and expand them. This will let you join the various parts without any errors. It is a cakewalk to use the FTM upgrade. However, you need to understand that internet speed and stability play a key role. Also, if you have excess media then this may create sync issues.

Get help on the go

You understand the technicalities that come with the family tree maker upgrade. This is what lets you create the perfect family tree without spending a lot of time. It also makes your tree less prone to errors. Proper support is required when you are operating such complex software. Worry not as we offer comprehensive support all throughout. You can reach out to us at any stage be it to fix an error or to learn about some option. We offer end-to-end family tree maker customer support.


There could be issues in understanding the complex charts and graphs. This usually happens when you are using the software for the first time. We explain the details to you so you can make your family tree easily.


To reach us all that you need to do is to send a chat of the issue you are facing. Or you can call our support team. We understand that every problem is unique and that specialised problems would need extra support. We thus offer remote support in such cases. Our remote support team will take control of your system and solve the problem for you.

Choose us for the best FTM upgrade support

Technical support is an important part of your software purchase. We ensure that you get high-end support. You are thus completely assured that you will have someone to reach out to whenever in doubt. We are your advisors and we follow several quality parameters to offer you the best service. Our expert team are always there to help you and let you use the maximum of this feature-rich platform.

Our processes are determined based on the complexity of the issue. So if it is a minor problem we will get it resolved on chat or phone. However, if the problem is complex then we would request you to give us remote support so our technical team can solve the matter urgently.