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A family tree is a vital tool that traces a person’s genealogy. It offers a visual representation of someone’s lineage. It uses a tree diagram structure to trace relationships to a common ancestor. Family trees find use in anthropological and medical studies but can also be a very interesting hobby.
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Family Tree Maker and its features

Collaboratively creating a family tree- Benefits

It makes sense to involve your family members when creating a family tree. Everyone can contribute to it as well as preserve the history. This helps to create a representation that is accurate and comprehensive. It offers better personalisation and lets you connect with distant family members. It helps to preserve the family history and heritage for future generations.

How can you make a family tree ?


Select Template

Choose the desired template and visualise the data that you have collected. You can drag and drop the information in the respective spaces

Connect Siblings

The youngest generation goes to the bottom and the oldest on the top. Connect the siblings. It helps to start with yourself and go backward.

Drag Images

Use colour themes and drag-and-drop images to customise the visuals

Share with other members

Share the family tree with other members who can help in expanding the chart.


Create your own workspace. You can add members to collaborate by giving them the edit access. You may also track the changes in real-time.


Extract Relevant Information

Get the relevant information about your ancestry. You are free to go back as far as you can.

Collect & Record Information

Collect the key information and record them. Note down important dates and events and centralise the information in the workspace.

Family Tree Maker FAQ

Our company family tree maker is intuitive to use. You can choose from several templates and create your family tree in no time. Once the basic shape is ready you can drag and drop the images and use coloured themes. When ready you can share it with others. If stuck you can always ask assistance from the Family Tree Maker Help team.

If you accidentally make a mistake when entering any information then you can use this feature to return to when the error was made.

This tool lets you add pictures.

The family tree generator lets you create family trees that can be presented. They let you customise and share it. You can get any information instantly. It also lets you add notes if required. is an independent software development and support company specializing in genealogy-related applications. We are not linked or affiliated with Mackiev or their family tree product. While we offer software development and support services tailored to genealogy applications, including assistance with family tree software, please note that our services are not associated with Mackiev or their family tree product.


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